How much space do you need to foster?

If you have a sanitary, temperature controlled garage or basement, spare bedroom, or bathroom, you can give shelter to an animal in need of temporary housing!

Can't afford another pet?

All expenses are covered by Summit's Sanctuary! Medical expenses, food, and supplies can all be picked up. 

How long is the commitment?

Some of our pets need just a few days in foster; some of our pets need a bit longer. Each dog and cat is different! We’re sure we can find the perfect foster pet for you and your schedule.

Afraid you'll get attached?

There’s no shame in Foster Failing! However, many of our foster parents find joy in sending their foster pets into new homes; there’s nothing like seeing your foster find their fur-ever home!

What kind of pets are fostered? 

Kittens and puppies under 8 weeks old must go to foster, at least until their vaccines are up-to-date; they have a better chance of avoiding illness in a home. Pets with medical needs recover and heal better in a home. Pets that need one-on-one socialization will receive catered attention in a home. 

How do you become a foster parent?