Meet Summit

summy 1

Summit was Lisa Chandler's, Director of SSAR, very special fur baby. From the age of 8 weeks old, he was helping students at Cave Spring Elementary School. Summit had a calling to make students who struggled feel like they could conquer the world, to make children who had emotional issues know they had a best friend, and to make everyone that had the privilege of knowing him feel special. 

Summit was not just a dog, he was not just a pet, he lived to help others. He was a very special soul. The beautiful white Labrador was certified through Bright and Beautiful Therapy and was an AKC Canine Good Citizen. You see he not only went to CSE, he was a part of the school. The principal always introduced him as one of the employees. He was an educator and helped more children than I can count. 

In 2017 we were told that Summit could no longer come to the school that he had worked in for almost 12 years. This was devastating. He was completely heartbroken. When he could no longer help his children he began having health issues. He crossed over the rainbow bridge that very year. 

Summit had a purpose. His whole life was about helping others. We wanted to carry on his legacy and help those loyal companions. The ones that love others more than they love themselves. The ones that give more than they take. We wanted to start a rescue, and Jeremiah Wheeler, Assistant Director of SSAR and Godson of Lisa Chandler, along with Lisa's close friends, Jeanne Hatmaker, Secretary of SSAR, and Dayna Kinney gave it's name. So, Summit's Sanctuary was born.